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More Medieval Marginalia

Last year I wrote about the funny things monks drew in the margins of their manuscripts. In that same vain here is a whole blog dedicated to some of the weird illustrations that show up in these old hand written books. Check out Little Red laying eggs and Ugly Skeleton.

 Via Boingboing and discarded image|discarding images

You Don’t Need A Rooster

This delightful little chart popped up on Boingboing a few weeks ago. It was one of the first things I remember learning about chickens when my mother decided to start raising them. The illustrator got the self-satisfaction of the hen just right. Click to make it a little bigger.

A Tally of Two Cities

As of now Alyx and I should have landed in Paris and will be making our way across the city to our first stop, a great looking, shared apartment in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

Paris VS. New York

A friendly visual match between two cities told by a lover of Paris wandering through NewYork. Details, clichés, contradictions: This way, please.

Andy Lunday

This is from my old classmate Andy Lunday’s new blog and tumblr account. He and I were in art classes together all through high school. By coincidence we reconnected at a highway bagel/coffee shop in the middle of Oregon.

Were you on a bike Andy? I can’t remember.

Senders receive?

Anyway, maybe you recognize Andy’s work already, that’s because he sent me a hand inked card a hundred years ago that’s been in my unanswered mail pile that whole time.


Ed Emberley Sasquatch tributeVia Boingboing