Mr. Postman, look and see, is there a letter in your bag for me?!

There was a time that my post box held a surprise for me every day. Maybe it would be a machine-chewed too thick envelope or a postcard covered in penny stamps. Lately it’s slowed way down. Way way down. And its too bad really, now I imagine my post office box looking like one of those abandoned Boo Radley houses at the end of the street.

Do you think it might be haunted?
I dare you to go and peek through the dim window. Take out your penlight and brush away the grime with your sleeve and look inside at the cobwebs clinging to the dark corners, ancient furniture covered in white bed sheets to protect the upholstery from the fine grey dust that covers it all. It must have been abandoned years ago. Does anyone even remember the old widower’s name?

As you peer deeper into the room, your eyes catch the gleaming edge of a stately blood oak grandfathers clock. As the narrow cone of light passes across its polished panels, you see they are intricately carved with a score of human figures, each of them nude and about the size of your hand. They seem to dance and writhe as the yellow light passes over them. But then, no, they are not dancing, they are falling. Forever downward, twisting past the swinging pendulum, to the carved flames below.

With a dull click, the serpentine hands of the clock meet at the apex of the moon bright face and the bells hidden behind the gruesome carvings toll loud in the silent house. It’s midnight.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenia Phone: +386 30 379 779
Paper Post: POB 997 Helena, MT 59624 USA

From the US you can text me at: 406-426-1776