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Got It At Ross

This one goes out to my mother who has years of OG cred on these dudes.

I love you Mom! I’m sorry I asked you to stop buying me stuff you found at such a cool store. We should go there together sometime soon. I promise I won’t sing this song too loudly while we shop.

Via DBYBRN.com,

Compare and Contrast


I got a few yard chores checked off my list this weekend. I painted and restrung my clothes line (does it scream Caribbean?) and planted half my table garden. Later, I headed up to my parents’ house for Father’s Day had to take a moment consider all the weekends it must have taken to turn their little corner into such a beautiful space.

Designing Obama

2010 06-18 Obama Book

ObamaSeveral months ago I pre-ordered this cool book called Designing Obama. I got my copy in the mail on Friday and I really like it.

It came in a beautiful de-embossed die-cut sleeve, it’s cloth bound and foil stamped and it’s filled with some really cool images and stories about the design produced for the campaign.

The book was published with money collected in a novel way. The book was purposed on this cool website called Kickstarter. Kickstarter is an escrow between hundreds of small doners and some project that needs support. So my pre-order directly funded the publishing of the book, which feels pretty cool. From the website:

We believed the Obama-like fundraising model is the perfect way to ensure the book’s integrity and quality. People supported this project; funded its creation, and changed way we think about traditional publishing. We were happy to see the community support our approach.

The Fairy Slipper


These beautiful flowers are called Fairy Slippers. They are a native Montana orchid my mom pointed out on a beautiful birthday hike two Sundays ago. Montana has, get ready, thirty native orchid species. This list of all of them has some beautiful photos.

Many people are surprised to learn that orchids grow in Montana. They associate the plants with faraway, exotic places. While it’s true that most orchids live in the moist, hot tropics, they also show up in many other environments. They inhabit every continent except Antarctica and are found in nearly every type of terrain except true desert.

Orchid season in Montana begins in late April, when the first pinkish purple blooms of fairy slippers emerge in moist woodlands and mountain foothills. It ends when the spiraling flowers of ladies’ tresses begin to wither, usually in August.

-From a good essay on wild Montana orchids.

Flipper Bridge

In Hong Kong, cars drive on the left while in the rest of China, they drive on the right. If you’re building a bridge between the two, you’ve got to come up with a clever way to switch lanes without disruption or accident. Behold, the flipper:

FlipperFlipper 2

The only way that could be more cool is if one of the lanes went into a tunnel under the water or corkscrewed over the other lane in a rollercoaster/Mario Kart fashion. Lots more on the NL Architects site.

From kottke.org