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Ye Olde Allegra Party Teame

Marcy, Carey and I all have new jobs now, but at Allegra we were the FUN Committee. Party planning came easily to us then, but getting together for a drink seemed a near impossibility until last night.

Marcy’s father hosted us in his impressive, hand-built bar—complete with leaded glass, a corner booth and a mechanical slot machine! A true mixologist, he made the best Manhattans and Old Fashions I’ve ever tasted. Fortunately, Marcy offered to drive me there and back, so I was able to confirm my positive impression with a second round of each.

Thanks Carey and Marcy for doing all the planning and set up. It was just like when we were the FUN Committee!

Mandatory Evuncular Morning Dance

What’s going on here?

It does not matter.

All you need to know is that you do not want to be like the kid who throws the spoon thing at the beginning or like the lady in camo pants at the end. No, crank up those speakers and dance in your slippers or bop along in your high chair. (Via Reddit front page)

Something Out of the Ordinary

My sister splits her time between Bozeman and Helena and yesterday she got to be a part of an art project.

She says, “I was on my way to pick up Bannack from daycare and I decided to let the dogs out at the park before getting him because it was zero degrees. I spent a few more minutes there than I had planned because I met Tyler and he told me about his project…”

It looks like the project just started but it’s pretty sweet and straightforward. Check out the rest of his photos on the blog: A Friend I Haven’t Met Yet

Whiskey Tasting

Archie Broadbent, a man of many talents, joined our table for this year’s Booze University event and took some charming photos. This year we had a Scotch/Irish face-off modeled extremely loosely on a rugby game. Loosely because the rugby theme was pretty much limited to some of us occasionally shouting “scrum” to signal an empty glass.

On the night of the match the Irish won by several votes but the leftover Scotch was thoroughly enjoyed the next night at my Dad’s 50th birthday.