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Sunday Haircut

Peter and Barbara hosted a lovely brunch this Sunday that included haircuts and Uno. I met their friend Martina who stopped by with her special pair of sissors to give anyone who wanted one a haircut.

Rigorous Fun

I added a link to Marisol’s new blog to the right. These photos are from an entry that introduces some of the work and trouble we’ve gotten up to these first weeks. Before she came to Florence she made this great video that makes a pretty good introduction to the school too, which is well worth checking out.

We’re three weeks into classes and I’m still settling in. Right now I’m stealing my neighbor’s internet but hopefully I’ll have a better connection soon. Gene arrived a few weeks ago and together with another student from his class, we found a great apartment for 900€ just north of the Duomo. The apartment is pretty much a cozy hallway wrapped around a courtyard, but its great and the first thing to great me on my way out in the morning is the massive sunlit dome.

UPDATE:  In the time I wrote my measly post Marisol wrapped up our third week in a new post of her own.

Something clicked for me the moment that we completed our first run through of the Santo Spirito creazione.  It felt as though something very significant had fallen perfectly into place.  I felt creatively at home and utterly allied with this team of astoundingly brilliant, funny, creative individuals.  It’s a feeling of community that I’ve never felt before in my creative life.  And this is just the beginning of the journey.