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Calling All Instagram Readers

Look over to the right hand column. See the Quick Snaps section? That’s for Instagram photos. It used to be only pictures from my own feed would show up there. Not any more. If you’re an Instagram user and you feel so inclined make a comment on one of your own photos and include hashtag #kvncsy. If you have a public stream it will show up over there. Try it, it’s magic! That is all.


Short Film Helena

A few weeks after I got home to Montana my friend Vincent Ma told me about his short film project. He’s an NYU film student I met years ago on another short film project here in Montana. Now he’s living in Helena and has been boxing at the club in Eagle’s Lounge and thought it would make the perfect setting for his thesis project.

He introduced me to local soon-to-be-pro boxer Ariel Beck, who he was considering for the lead. She had never acted for a camera before so the three of us worked on screen tests. She was serious and eager and after a few hours workshop we we’re both agreeing that she would be great.

I was able to meet with her one more time, along with another Helena boxer, Duran Caferro Jr., for another performance coaching workshop before filming began. It was entirely fun, energizing and exciting work.

The shoot is all done now, here is the article from Sunday’s paper about it all. There is even a brief mention of the acting coach. Hey, that’s me!

Check out Vincent’s Vimeo page for great footage from recent fights.