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Ye Olde Allegra Party Teame

Marcy, Carey and I all have new jobs now, but at Allegra we were the FUN Committee. Party planning came easily to us then, but getting together for a drink seemed a near impossibility until last night.

Marcy’s father hosted us in his impressive, hand-built bar—complete with leaded glass, a corner booth and a mechanical slot machine! A true mixologist, he made the best Manhattans and Old Fashions I’ve ever tasted. Fortunately, Marcy offered to drive me there and back, so I was able to confirm my positive impression with a second round of each.

Thanks Carey and Marcy for doing all the planning and set up. It was just like when we were the FUN Committee!

Goodbye Allegra!

This guy greeted me on my last day of work at Allegra last Friday. He organized a whole going away party at noon where I got a full fledged send off from all the great people I’ve gotten to know over the past two years.

Signs Now Open House

IMG_6402IMG_6417Signs Now

Former Allegra employees AJ and Trevor opened a sign shop in downtown Helena, the imperative Signs Now . They hosted an open house this weekend and let everyone take a look around. Free mustaches were on offer in many styles. I couldn’t get mine to pose properly for a photo.

The machine in the foreground of the topmost photo is a flatbed cutter-outter (the real name escapes me) going to work on some foam core takeaways.

The Parrot Ads

AJ Broadbent—photographer, designer, sign maker—posted the Parrot newspaper ads on his often updated food blog Montana Eats. He took all the photos for the new ad campaign.  Allegra designer Marcy Vanek did the copy and layout on these.

Parrot Ad

Allegra Shoots The Parrot


Marcy and AJ shot some ad photos for the new owners of the Parrot on Monday. I got to skip out on work and drink a grape phosphate and fake-eat some beef chili to stand in as a customer. Unfortunately some real customers came in and stole my thunder.