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The Bray Blog

In preparation for the Archie Bray’s 60th Anniversary they’ve opened The Bray Blog documenting life and work in the resident studios.

Here are a few exciting glimpses of Kelly Garrett Rathbone’s new figures,  and Kensuke Yamada loading a kiln with his sculptures and (I think) some of Kenyon Hanson’s new work.


Bray Christmas Opening

This year’s Christmas show at the Archie Bray had some of the best work I’ve seen in recent memory.

Standouts for me were the dreamy and intense sculptures of  Kelly Garrett Rathbone. (I’m saving up for one.) David Peters had some beautiful crucible like cups and floral “gold pans” that looked like solid iron. It was my first time seeing the work of Jeff Campana. His carapace-like pots are made up of delicately joined slabs with glassy smooth seams between them. And maybe I’m turtle-minded after returning from Saipan, but this small piece by Bethany Krull was another favorite of mine.