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Sunday with Barbie

Barbie's Dream Home

I spent my Sunday afternoon at my grandma Irene’s house looking through a 1960’s Barbie collection. She recently and reluctantly acquired it from a friend who had been holding on to it for years. Not knowing what to do with it, Grandma asked my mom and I to see if it was worth anything. It has all been played with but it’s well taken care of. Barbie, the teen-aged model, Skipper, her kid sister, Ken of course and his buddy Allan, they’re all there.
Grandma and I sorted through the extensive wardrobe sorting out the Mattel tagged clothes from the off brand and homemade, laid them on the dining room table and snapped away.
This collection is eBay-bound and my grandmother is intending to give the profit to charity. We’ll sell them together as a lot to get it over with in the hope there is some rare gem somewhere in there that will entice someone to bid high.
Grandma and Barbie