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Jeff the Chef’s Day Off

Jeff is one of the founding members of the Montana Embassy here in Chicago. For the past few weeks he’s been working in the busy kitchen at the new GT Fish and Oyster, which opens it’s doors tonight.

After a week or more of previews they gave Jeff a day off. Being the swell guy that he is he took me on a little tour of Vietnam Town. There were some truly excellent, and familiar feeling grocery stores and a few great looking restaurants offering wide, sloshing bowls of Phở. (We ate our massive lunch/dinner meal at Tank Noodle, a popular corner restaurant just off the Argyle Metro line.)

Getting a little more familiar with the extended neighborhood feels great, for one, I know where I’ll be buying my sriracha hot sauce from now on. But I think the best discovery of the night came after dinner. Jeff lives just east of me, but  we got off on the same stop and looked for a place to get a drop to drink. As it turns out I live right next door to a humble little bar, The Village Tap.

After a few hoppy beers and a game of Yatzee! with a nurse we met it was time to go. Poor Jeff had to leg it back over to his place while I got to exploit  the privilege of proximity. A terrific afternoon Uptown.

Growlers: NY Catches Up with MT

Todd Heisler/The New York Times

Todd Heisler/The New York Times

In a recent article the New York Times introduced a humble half gallon glass jug, called a growler, as The New Old Way to Tote Your Beer.

Here in Montana we’ve been drinking out of growlers for years so I got a short burst of early-adopter pride reading the article. It describes the current proliferation of bars and shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn that offer growler fills. They are quick to mention that growlers are “not just the toys of the bearded, flannel-shirt, beer-geek set.

That may be true, but I know that the BarBEERians love growlers the best.

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