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Taleff O’Caseys in Chicago

I had one demand for Sara and Chris’ trip through Chicago: Rainbow Cone Rainbow cone is a summertime staple in Chicago’s south-side, and has about equal place in my memory as the lightning bugs that blink though the humid evenings here. So as you can imagine I was delighted when my cousin Mike and his wife Jenny showed up to the potluck with 40 rainbow cones. I think there were three left over after the party disbursed.

Bannack wasn’t too keen on the pistachios in the green layer of the rainbow cone but his great grandma Rose didn’t mind them one bit.

More photos from the party and this weekend are here.

Breakfast with Rosie

Far and away, the most fun I’ve had in Chicagoland has been getting to spend my mornings with my grandma Rose. We’ll share a pot of coffee, flick through the newspaper and chit-chat about what’s coming up in the day or what the weekend was like.

Lucky me

This morning Rosie took me and my cousin Jackie out to breakfast  to Dimitri’s Cafe, just a few blocks from Colleen and John’s place in Downers Grove. It’s a fairly typical breakfast diner but it’s Greek-owned, so mounted among more familiar diner wall hangings a there’s a big “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ” poster and the menu offers a “Spartan skillet,” potatoes with asparagus and feta. I ordered a huge No Sweat inspired plate of potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach and cheese, with an egg on top for good measure.

Thanks for breakfast Rosie! That’s not a bad way to start a Friday.

Lake Geneva: Video Journal

I assigned myself the project of making an edit of some videos my sister took with her new flip video camera. The edit was easy, the rendering was impossible.

My laptop runs Mint Linux so there are a lot of free video editors for it. I chose to use PiTiVi because it seemed so simple. The edit was simple, but the render was taking hours and hours which seemed wrong to me. Turns out that that software, as simple as it is, doesn’t render flip generated video. So after a few blind alleys I converted all the clips to a different format and edited the xml file in a text editor was finally able to render this thing. Black bars, squished faces, low res. But you get what you pay for. Next time I think I’ll go a different route.

Enjoy the show!

Lake Geneva: Arrived!


This year we will mark my grandma Rose’s 90th birthday with all of the Chicago Caseys in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Sara, Bannack, my parents and I flew all day to be greeted poolside by a contingent of cousins, aunts and uncles. In the photos are Gram, my cousin Kevan, her daughter Claire and uncle Bill Gockman and of course my favorite aunt of all time: Colleen.