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Is Land Is Lost

Artists Sarah Cockings and Laurence Symonds created this whimsical balloon they call Is Land. They presented it at a UK art and music festival and had intended to show it off at this year’s Burning Man, but some dudes had another idea for it.

Witnesses saw a small group of malicious festival goers, two in a dingy, cut all five tether ropes holding the helium structure at 3am on the Sunday morning of the Secret Garden festival allowing it to float away. The daring £9000, six month project by RCA graduates Sarah Cockings and Laurence Symonds simply floated off into the atmosphere, leaving them completely deflated.”

The good news is, a replacement balloon has been sponsored, but I can’t help but wish that that one gets let go as well. But maybe version two will have a GPS beacon?

On a related note we’re still running out of  helium.

Here is a Beautiful Thing

A Post Card from AlberQQ

My mother, sister and little baby nephew are enjoying the annual launch of hot air balloons in Albuquerque, New Mexico this weekend.

From the looks of it they’re having a great time and Bannack’s enjoying watching the massive rainbow globes expand and take off as much as I did my first time.