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Emotional Body


Maybe you’ve seen this before. It looks like it’s from 2006. But the images below are made up of 500 responses from a survey that asked people to draw where an how they experienced five broad emotions. From left to right, anger, joy, fear, sadness and love. A beautiful kind of map is formed when all the images are superimposed. Check out more of the project here.

Can people describe their visceral feelings of emotion visually, and if so, would any patterns arise? In order to answer this, I had to develop some way of asking people to reflect on and describe their private feelings in a simple, repeatable manner, the results of which could be correlated visually and demographically.


Chicago or Bust!

I’m setting out on a new adventure very soon.

I’ll head east to the second/windy city to audition for a summer actor training program offered by the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Chicago, my fatherland

My dad left Chicago the year he turned eighteen. He and his two friends—his best friend Pete and their high school English teacher, Brother Noonan—struck out from the south side of Chicago on a mission. Making church-basement theater along the way, they would travel to Carroll College, a small Catholic school here in Helena. I’m sure glad they did.

When I was just a wee lad our family traveled back Chicago every summer. We only stopped when my sister and I got so annoying that my parents could no longer stand the 24 hours of road time. But, in just a few days I’ll pack into my little red car and head down that long stretch of road again to that great American city.

I’m looking forward to catching up with a few friends,  my God-parents, and of course the Chicago Casey’s. I’d like to explore the city and scout out neighborhoods, theaters, apartments, and jobs that seem right . I’m not sure what I’ll find but a recent theater review I read called Chicago “a place of risk, rebuilding and reinvention. A town devoted to change.”

That sounds good to me.