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Quintana Roo Road Trip

The past few days have been quite an adventure. Sara, Chris and Bannack have to leave this morning, and this little video is representative of their past few days here in the Yucatan.

We rented the nation’s smallest available rental car and took a couple of road trips in the past few days. Our first trip took us tothe Tulum ruins. It was fairly tourist oriented, but hell, we’re tourists! It was beautiful and hot and my only wish was that I knew more about Mayan culture and architecture. Also I wanted to be sipping on some thick Mayan chocolate.

One of the highlights of our trip will surely prove to be our stop at the beautiful fresh water Mojarras cenote. It was a quiet spot, about three bumpy kilometers off the highway, and was gorgeous. Our whole crew zip-lined in to some of the most refreshing water I’ve ever had the pleasure of submerging myself in. And even though Bannack almost had a panic attack watching his Mom and Dad swing and dive into the middle of a jungle pit he lightened up in the end and enjoyed himself.

It’s going to be a bummer to see sis, Chris and my sobrino leave tomorrow morning. We’ll miss ’em. But it’s been a blast!

A Beautiful Day in Puerto Morelos

A Gorgeous Couple of Days

Yesterday we loaded up into two cabs and headed to a quirky tourist place called Jungle Spa. I ate some of the best Mexican food ever, handmade tortillas rice, beans and potatos stewed with poblanos chile. We were witness to a little folk dancing that reminded all of us of the maypole at Becca and Ben’s. These women did a much better job that the 50 or so of us in Montana, but just as soon as they invited audience participation the maypole started looking a lot more knotted and familiar.

My mom summed it up best in her TripAdvisor review:

We were very lucky to experience the Sunday Market, a nice array of traditional Mayan food, dancing and a massage unlike any that we have had, all in one day! If you are looking for a generic run of the mill spa then go somewhere else. This is truly a unique experience. You will be surrounded by a gentle breeze and the sounds of the Jungle.

We’ve settled in to our comfortable little Casita Blanca on the beach. Bannack loves the sea. He stands at the patio door, forehead against the screen, staring out at the water. He convinced my dad to take a swim and they were out in the salt for at least 20 minutes swimming laps. Funny how well a baby sleeps after playing in wind and waves under a wide Caribbean sunset.

Welcome to Mexico


First stop: Puerto Morelos

The Taleff O’Caseys are heading to Mexico for the new year. As of this post’s going live we’re mid-flight, zooming high above the Gulf of Mexico. We got stuck on the runway this morning in Bozeman, some delay deicing de-plane’s wings it seems. Fortunately though, the Cancun flight was just as late leaving Minneapolis.

As you can tell from the last bit of video we may need a little polish on our Spanish elocution, but we are a fearless crew. Also, Chris seems to know what he’s saying.