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Something about Masks

Here is an impressive clip from a new music video that shows the drastic affect lighting has on a person’s face. It’s dizzying! The same face completely changes form just by the light swinging around. I wish it was in slow-mo to see the effect up close.

I got excited about the video because it reminded me of something I read about the best Japanese Noh masks. On the wall they appear expressionless but on a performer and in motion the the mask comes alive. Light catches a hidden plain or a dark edge and the mask smirks, twitches, or frowns. Feel where those angles are, and you start to understand what that mask is capable of.

Got It At Ross

This one goes out to my mother who has years of OG cred on these dudes.

I love you Mom! I’m sorry I asked you to stop buying me stuff you found at such a cool store. We should go there together sometime soon. I promise I won’t sing this song too loudly while we shop.

Via DBYBRN.com,