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Book Designer David Pearson

David Pearson is a London designer who while working at Penguin spearheaded the beautiful set of pocket classics that marked their 70th year. A rainbow of 70 small paperback volumes each with wildly different covers. After hearing me gush about them my sister found a way to buy a set through a London friend and get them to Montana.

David Pearson gave an interview to design blog The Casual Optimist that is worth a look for the interested.

I was already an avid [Penguin book] collector and the idea for a design retrospective was one that I’d run past my Art Director before it was eventually tagged onto the company’s 70-year anniversary celebrations. I’d always wanted to get into the archives and have a really good poke around and fortunately for me, this gave me the perfect excuse. If I was unaware of the magnitude of the company’s past achievements they very quickly became apparent as I worked my way through the vast isles of books.