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Off the Grid

Photographer Eric Valli. I love the color quality of these photos. They remind me of the glossy pages of old National Geographics. Click through some of the other stories on his page, I liked Honey Hunters too.

Sunday in Firenze

Something I learned after leaving Florence for the Christmas break was that I haven’t really seen much of the touristy stuff in the city. Now that I’m back I’m committed to seeing more of what’s available here.

West from the Ponte alla Carraia, the bridge I cross every morning to school.


Gene invited me to the photography museum that houses the Fratelli Alinari collection, apparently the oldest photographic archive in the world. Along with some very beautiful old daguerreotypes and albumen prints from around the world there was a room lined in back-lit negatives and a wild collection of photographic albums, some of them huge sculptural assemblages with metal hinges, gemstone covers and painted edges.

I thought the famous Florence lion was a monkey until I was corrected.

Shuttle Countdown: T. Minus 4


Via WSJ Picture of the Day, Via dbybrn.com

BLAST-OFF: The shuttle Discovery lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., Monday, as seen from across the Pineda Causeway in Melbourne. Seven astronauts were headed for a rendezvous with the International Space Station on one of the last missions for NASA’s shuttle program. (Jon Bahr/European Pressphoto Agency)

Thomas Meyer’s Artful Photos


These photos are from Thomas Meyer’s portfolio, these are from a series called Kaufland—retail spaces in eastern Germany.

Matt Stuart’s Whimsical Street Photography


Matt Stuart is a photographer who captures comical coincidences on the streets of London. He exposes some of photography’s least apparent attributes–editing, photographer’s intention, camera positioning–in his photos, and in doing so chips away at a photo’s documentary status. Errol Morris would be proud.

Check out more of Matt Stuart’s photographs.