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Wanna postcard? Here’s my Saipan address, borrowed from PJ’s family:

Kevin Casey
c/o Auntie Tina
PO Box 5347CHRB
Saipan, MP 96950

As far as I’ve seen there are no street addresses in Saipan. PJ said that for some government forms where a resident’s location is required, a little box is provided for drawing a map to your house.
No consistent street addresses means no mailboxes or mail slots, no curbside delivery or pickup. None of the R2-D2 blue boxes for dropping mail off either. Post office box numbers are very limited and the wait-list to have one assigned is years long. That’s why I’m happy to be able to share this box with PJ, the Christastamo’s (that’s auntie Tina’s family) and a few other family members.
If you feel like it (especially you non-commenting readers) drop a note my way. Remember, Saipan is a part of the USA so a postcard is $0.28 and a letter stamp is $0.44 until the end of the year.