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Pool Side

I asked Chris to send me more nephew Bannack photos and he’s been really pulling through the past few weeks. This one melts my heart! I miss the little squirt.

From Chris:

It has been a long time since I have visited the country club pool in Great Falls, Montana but Great Grandma Fern was kind enough to take us yesterday.
It was pure 1950s sweetness and Bannack fit right in in his tight striped le petit bateau swim suit (thanks Jill).

Bannack Relaxing Poolside


I was out most of today with weird allergy/humidity/wimpyness related symptoms but Bannack didn’t stop for a second. He didn’t exactly LOVE floating in the frog Pete and Mary Ann got him—he’s got that skeptical look—but he got used to it. That was until his big boy second cousin (twice removed?) tossed a squishy football right in there with him. He has a low tolerance for splashing and therefore was out of the giant floaty toad shortly after that.