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My sister sent me this video, she knew I’d like it. Maybe because she knew Mike Potts and I loved crashing our bikes in to stuff when we were boys. Maybe she was taunting me, knowing I am bike-less in a bike city. Maybe she wanted to remind me of the responsibility I still hold to the Push Bike Safety League.

I don’t know the exact reason you sent it, but I do like the video very much. Thanks sis!

Here’s an outlandish protest video from Casey Neistat, professional viral video maker (of the Neistat Brothers show on HBO). In it, he films himself getting a ticket for not riding in the bike lane in New York City—an NYPD practice I brought to light on Transportation Nation, and GOOD a few months back.

To demonstrate why a cyclist in NYC might need to ride outside the bike lane, Neistat proceeds to crash into anything and everything that blocks a bike lane from construction barricades to trucks to… Well, just watch till the end. Johnny Knoxville would be proud. , GOOD