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I had a friend in New Zealand who for her 21st birthday sailed with her dad from Wellington to the coast of India. When she came home she had incredible stories about their time at sea. Including having fish jump in their boat after their food spoiled and what you do when you out of fresh water days before reaching land.

Not long after I came home from New Zealand I read the great (and copyright free) tail of Joshua Slocum and the sloop Spray, in which he completed the first solo circumnavigation in history. It’s an old but exciting story:

I had resolved on a voyage around the world… A thrilling pulse beat high in me. My step was light on deck in the crisp air. I felt there could be no turning back, and that I was engaging in an adventure the meaning of which I thoroughly understood.

From Sailing Alone Around the World


This trailer is for a great travelogue/documentary of some intrepid young sailors who take to the sea in the cheapest boat they could find. They are self proclaimed maniac sailors of the Anarchist Yacht Club so, as there should be, there’s some salty language. It makes me want to jump in the nearest sailboat and sail into the sunset.