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King Of The Bubble

This photo was taken during the King of the Bubble contest in Brussles.

‘The divers compete to form the best bubbles – it is judged on things like the size, the shape, how perfect the ring is, and how many bubbles they can do in one breathe.

‘You have to blow to expel the air and it will form a bubble in a ring.

‘There’s no perfect technique for it though, you just have to find your own tricks and see what works.’  -The Guardian

Peter showed me how to do this while skin diving at the Grotto. (Pretty much look up and say, “too.”) You don’t even have to be very deep for it to work. You certainly don’t need to be submerged in the deepest indoor pool in the world, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Most people have probably seen footage like this by now, but I can’t post this unless I acknowledge the superiority of dolphins in this field.