Tag Street Art


These are a few of the choicest examples of the Florentine street artist Booe or Booey. There are very few tags, mostly you see the big gumdrops and the popsicle is an anomaly as far as I’ve seen. They have become little totems for me walking through Florence, just as the little men and sasquaches of the Wellington street artist Neonate kept me company while I was studying theater in Wellington.

Whoever this Booe/Booey is, I think the number of pieces he’s got around town will stay the same. All of the one’s I’ve seen are a bit weathered or painted over and I haven’t seen any fresh paint. Maybe he’s grown up or gotten arrested too many times or just moved out of town. In any case, I’ll keep snapping photos as I find new pieces, and I’ll be keeping them here.

Stop Motion: La Puerta

Saw this on Wooster Collective: A stop motion animation represented by Limow and created by Sam3 in Grottaglie, Roma, Barcelona and Murcia.