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Sunday in Bucine

This Sunday a few of us went to a performance in the small Tuscan town Bucine. My friend Casey took us. He knew the guy who was performing and operated the lights. The performance was OK, what I really enjoyed was the countryside. Gene and I played Durak on the train ride there, te stars were out in full force, and the aperitivo in Montevarchi was glorious.

Paris to Angers

Alyx and I will depart Paris today for Angers, the city where she’ll be studying for the next year. It’s pronounced  Ahn-jay, not Anger-s how I’d been for too long. I looked it up and it turns out we’ll be leaving from the same station as appears in this photo. The train will be departing through the other side of the station, as no trains are allowed to depart from the front window since the failed  experiment in 1895.