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The Apartment

The post introducing my little apartment lacked a photo of the exterior. Well, here it is in all of it’s glory. I live three floors up, behind the third door. Previously I had the floor all to myself, but as of a few days ago a neighbor moved in to the apartment to the right of mine. Except for some wall-quaking electric grinding/drilling sounds a few mornings ago, she’s been great.

Also for those of you who have asked for more photos, have you been checking my Picasa Web Albums? A lot of the photos I’ve taken are there along with many that didn’t fit into a post. So check ’em out.


Tomorrow PJ and I are doing the unthinkable, the unrecommended, the expressly forbidden. We are determined to visit… (Deep breath) Forbidden* Island**.

In preparation we have consulted a dizzy shaman who divined the island’s location and drew a map for us. According to the few decipherable scribbles, the journey will take us down a “dirt road” around a “mountain” to the treacherous stretch known only as “Forbidden Island Road.” From there, no man has returned [without having seen Forbidden* Island**].

When we return, nay, IF we return, I will make a post about it. An epic, forbidden* post.

* Island may not actually be forbidden.
** Also the island may not be an island.

Lake Geneva: Video Journal

I assigned myself the project of making an edit of some videos my sister took with her new flip video camera. The edit was easy, the rendering was impossible.

My laptop runs Mint Linux so there are a lot of free video editors for it. I chose to use PiTiVi because it seemed so simple. The edit was simple, but the render was taking hours and hours which seemed wrong to me. Turns out that that software, as simple as it is, doesn’t render flip generated video. So after a few blind alleys I converted all the clips to a different format and edited the xml file in a text editor was finally able to render this thing. Black bars, squished faces, low res. But you get what you pay for. Next time I think I’ll go a different route.

Enjoy the show!

Bannack Relaxing Poolside


I was out most of today with weird allergy/humidity/wimpyness related symptoms but Bannack didn’t stop for a second. He didn’t exactly LOVE floating in the frog Pete and Mary Ann got him—he’s got that skeptical look—but he got used to it. That was until his big boy second cousin (twice removed?) tossed a squishy football right in there with him. He has a low tolerance for splashing and therefore was out of the giant floaty toad shortly after that.

Lake Geneva: Arrived!


This year we will mark my grandma Rose’s 90th birthday with all of the Chicago Caseys in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Sara, Bannack, my parents and I flew all day to be greeted poolside by a contingent of cousins, aunts and uncles. In the photos are Gram, my cousin Kevan, her daughter Claire and uncle Bill Gockman and of course my favorite aunt of all time: Colleen.