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I’m In Love With Your Nightingale

These days I’ve been filling my head with the bad news from Turkey. I shouldn’t do it because the desire to understand never leads to a better picture of what’s going on, it just makes me nervous and gloomy. Plus because I’m not there I can’t feel the normalcy of everyday life in Istanbul which makes it worse. Lucky for me Ilgaz posted this video of people dancing in Kadıköy (my old neighborhood) showing the spirit of the Turks that I knew best. Something open hearted, joyful and goofy.

Facebook translate is bad

The video is great but I had get her to translate her comment on it for me because Facebook translate does a terrible job of Facebook translating. The message she wrote under the video when she posted it translated like this:

Blow Ohal or something, right in the head. Actually you all interim Boyle, right? Come on guys admit it :) Not quite the azcik watch, would you rather:

Thank’s for nothing Facebook translate. Here is a better translation of her comment:

OK, OK there’s a coup, a state of emergency and everything. But admit that this feeling is inside all of your heads.
If do don’t feel it, just take a look and you will find joy again.

Much better. Then I asked her to translate the song which doesn’t quite flow in English the way it does in Turkish. But who cares, let’s dance!

I resent my destiny, it didn’t hurt again
I swore to my destiny, the black night
This strange heart, I’m in love with your nightingale

Super Pop Morning Dance

Here is an utterly amazing dance video Gene sent me. The level of control this guy has is unbelievable. I recommend watching it all the way through, his awesomeness increases over time.

Morning Hoedown

This old-time dancing is called flat-footing or buck dancing. I was inspired to learn more about it after laughing at this video on and I love it. Watch this great clip from Talking Feet, a full-length documentary on the subject.

Here’s the whole film. I’m home now and got to I watch it with my mom this morning over coffees. It’s worth seeing for the characters who love this kind of dancing and the very strange style of interviewing a person with their family distracting you from the background. I don’t think filmmakers intend to mock the subjects of the film, but some of them are so enjoyably strange it’s hard not to smirk as you admire their smirk inducing dancing.

Le Mashed Potato

Today’s morning dance has a Continental flair to it. Enjoy! Via Boing Boing.

Mandatory Evuncular Morning Dance

What’s going on here?

It does not matter.

All you need to know is that you do not want to be like the kid who throws the spoon thing at the beginning or like the lady in camo pants at the end. No, crank up those speakers and dance in your slippers or bop along in your high chair. (Via Reddit front page)