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Day December 22, 2009

Daily Drop Cap: Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is an extraordinarily talented type designer and illustrator. She had an incredible project going that I recommend to anyone even casually interested in design. Daily Drop Cap is a site where Ms. Hische posts one impeccable and unique capital letter (in repeating alphabetical order) every day and makes them available to use just like this one, as a beautiful drop cap. Her attention to baroque decoration nears the detail of another favorite, Marian Bantjes. (Check out her Nabokov cover: Transparent Things.)


She was an intern at Louise Fili’s design studio for a few years and is responsible for some of their beautiful work including these winners.

How long can she keep up designing theses letters a day? She’s half way through the third cycle as I write this, I can only hope she keeps going. If you’re interested in seeing more of her stuff, check out her professional portfolio and her blog—she has even more to impress you with there.

Om Nom Nom Belling

Om Nom Nom Belling

The cats’ litter box is banished to the back porch where it’s less smelly. They can gain access via an open indoor window but the heat went pouring out as soon as it got cold. I made this temporary portal for them with blue foam until a I install a more permanent solution. But just because it’s temporary doesn’t mean I can’t decorate it.

Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree

McKenzie and I copied my Sister and Brother-in-Law who also have an aluminum tree this year. My mom ordered several of these antique Christmas ornaments years ago off of ebay. She used them for the Holter Museum’s store display that year, and they are so cool.

Ours dinky compared to Sara and Chris’ tree. It’s made up of a few different kinds of bows and looks a little spare in the picture, but it’s festive.