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Sunday with Barbie

Barbie's Dream Home

I spent my Sunday afternoon at my grandma Irene’s house looking through a 1960’s Barbie collection. She recently and reluctantly acquired it from a friend who had been holding on to it for years. Not knowing what to do with it, Grandma asked my mom and I to see if it was worth anything. It has all been played with but it’s well taken care of. Barbie, the teen-aged model, Skipper, her kid sister, Ken of course and his buddy Allan, they’re all there.
Grandma and I sorted through the extensive wardrobe sorting out the Mattel tagged clothes from the off brand and homemade, laid them on the dining room table and snapped away.
This collection is eBay-bound and my grandmother is intending to give the profit to charity. We’ll sell them together as a lot to get it over with in the hope there is some rare gem somewhere in there that will entice someone to bid high.
Grandma and Barbie

Mail Art Inbox: Frips, Fluxus Dakota, Flex, Philyaw

Over the past few days I’ve gotten a lot of great mail art in my PO Box. From the top: a new correspondent, Fluxus Dakota, sent a nice Art Detox post card; Frips, one of my favorites sent an incredible pack of artistamps; another great envelope from Flex Mentallo; and though it’s small here William Philyaw sent a great pair of artist trading cards.

Senders receive: Swift Post/PO Box 997/Helena, MT/59624-0997

If you want to see them more closely, I’ve posted the single images here.

Mail Art Inbox

Illustrator: Matthew Hodson


Check out Matthew Hodson’s portfolio.
Via South Sea Fixed Gear Fight Club

Big Bug, Boo


A few times this week I had the opportunity to visit my nephew on my lunch hour. My mom and I got to play a few games that Bannack likes including Big Bug, Boo. In this game you hold your hand high above the baby then simultaneously chant, “big bug, big bug, big bug” as you clinch and spread out your hand (that’s the bug) bringing it closer and closer to the baby until you reach him and tickle him and go, “boo!”

This photo should stand as evidence that babies love a few minutes of Big Bug, Boo in the afternoon.

Vintage Lolita Covers

The fabulous vintage design blog Words and Eggs posted a compelling collection of Lolita Covers.
Lolita Covers

From Greater Than:

The Second Pass recently linked to this gallery of covers to different editions of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita (as well as to this competition for people to give it their own design).

It’s certainly not a book that’s been universally well-served by designers. There are some covers that want to suggest Humbert Humbert’s lascivious gaze but, to avoid straying into the same morally reprehensible territory as Humbert himself, they do so with an image of a full-grown woman rather than a pre-pubescent girl. Others just have illustrations of fairly inept nymphets (there are some real grotesques in there). And there’s also some good design (as you’d hope in a collection of slightly more than 150 images).