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Halfy Birthday Bannack

Today is Bannack’s half birthday. The past six months have slipped by so quickly! How did you manage to grow this much so fast Bannack? I hope you don’t keep getting older at this same rate, otherwise soon enough you’ll be as old as the rest of us, little man.

We celebrated his Birthday with a nice family lunch today at noon. Mom made some great veggie soup and Jackson was jumping up for joy.

2010 03-29

Ed’s Birthday Dinner

Last week the Casey’s, Taleff’s, and Ruzevich’s all got together to celebrate Ed’s birthday. My mom made an incredible dinner for us all, not to mention the most tempting coconut cake of all time.
Happy birthday Ed. Thanks for dinner Mom!

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Mail Art Inbox: Andy Lunday


Wow, what a treat! An old friend from high school art class, Andy Lunday, sent me some great mail art/correspondence this week. Thanks so much Andy, see you in the mail.

Trail Ride on Socrates

McKenzie took me on a trail ride Monday night! It was great. It seems like she’s going all the time on her Appaloosa, Grace. But I’ve never been out with her before. She asked the owner of this charming Icelandic horse named Socrates if I could take him out (yes, if I wear a helmet) and had him all saddled up by the time I got out to the barn.

We didn’t end up getting very far on account of the wheelie-popping dirt bikers buzzing illegally past on off limits railroad and county property. (“When you see people on horses please just idle until they pass,” said McKenzie after we gave up) I didn’t care too much that we hardly made it past the driveway. We turned around and did a lap in the pasture instead. I loved it, thanks McKenzie!


A Beautiful Morning