Update from Afganland

The end of Ramadan, the 9/11 anniversary, the Koran burning protests, and other negative stories “means taliban is going to step up their operations again” according to Corporal Butler, my friend who is serving in Afghanistan.

Ken’s been out on four missions so far but says that, “all was calm in this vicinity for eid. There were some attacks in the area for 9-11 but they did not attack here.” In his e-mail he seemed a little disappointed to have missed the excitement, but his boredom is the best news I can hear.

If you’re like me you may feel like there’s not much news from Afghanistan. Maybe it’s a symptom of living where I do now (and not being glued to a radio for eight hours a day) but I didn’t know a thing about any of this until Ken told me. The fact is though that today we get the news we seek, and more information about the war is always a click away.

Keep it up Ken!


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  1. Colleen,

    If I didn’t know he was in Afghanistan, i would think he was back in Santa Fe! That is alot of adobe…

  2. I gotta say, Kenny looks baaaaaadasssssss!!! I think I’ve played his character before in Modern Warfare….