Romeo & Juliet Party

I’ve said it before but Sapan parties are incredible events and I hope you already have an idea of what Saipan local hospitality looks like. (If not remind yourself of Pete’s going away party.)

Romeo and Juliet

Friday night was the Romeo and Juliet party for PJ’s cousin Linko and her fiancée Ralph. A Romeo and Juliet is a shower thrown in honor of a couple about to be married. And it’s a surprise.
By the time Linko and Ralph arrived the band had sound checked, the food had been set out and the coolers were full of beer. They had no idea anything had been planned, and it was a lot of fun. It was a weekend of cold beer, plates heavy with food, starry nights and great conversations.


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  1. These parties make me miss Hawaii. They sound spectacular! I hear you may have landed yourself a job on the island. Do tell.

  2. Colleen,

    I love the string of palms that surround the party hall!

    • The decorations at this party were the BEST. You don’t see in the photo (but maybe dimly in the video) the woven palm decorations, and great flower bouquets. Really plush.

  3. At least they don’t have Hamlet Parties where everyone is dead when it’s over…

    • I never thought about it that way but I suppose if that’s what the Hamlet party is like the R&J party won’t end very happily either. Ek!