Portuguese Busker

A possible employment option? I’m not quite there yet, but it’s good to keep an open mind. Skip to 2:30 to hear him sing.


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  1. Colleen Casey,

    Wow he is great!

  2. colleen,

    You could just make the mask/ hat and get your stilts and long pants and wonder around collecting money in a hat!

  3. Sara,

    Perfect idea mom! He’ll make more than the vegetable peeler man in union square!

  4. colleen,

    You could sell vegetable peelers dressed that way then go home every night and cook yourself up a stir fry with the veggies that you cut up. The veggies would be tax deductable as would all of your costume pieces!

  5. Aunt Colleen,

    where do you FIND these treats for me to experience?