Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sara and Chris and little June the Wheaten Terrier picked me up at JFK airport last night. It’s a short drive to their new apartment in Brooklyn and soon we were around the dining room table toasting over cold Manhattans. Maybe you’ve seen photos of their new place? It really is a unique and beautiful home, but what struck me most is that it is EXACTLY LIKE the last three places Sara and Chris have lived. So much so that Sara spent half a moment planning what to bring to a party back home, forgetting for that little while that she was in a New City. They’ve definitely found the right place.

This clown was catching up on sleep and had a long nap into the afternoon. He was up just after Chris and his brother Mike came home and the five of us, plus June, went for a meander through Williamsburg.  McCarren Park was busy with little kids and littler dogs. Skaters filmed each other grinding on hurricane Irene’s one downed streetlight while outside the cameraman’s frame three sunbathers lay working on tans and a woman daubed at her plein air oil of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral that just peaked out over the trees.

Bannack alerted us every time he saw a subway station by asking for a, “Ride? Ride? Ride?” Sara and I had three dollar falafel at the corner just past the Bedford stop. We passed highfalutin dive bars, a few dusty book stores, a top notch cheese shop, a heavy metal barber shop with a pile of cow skulls in the window, a panoply of the coolest retail experiments of the millennium. But my favorites were the Brooklyn Art Library and Mast Bros. Chocolate storefronts sitting side by on North 3rd Avenue.


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  1. UD,

    welcome to the BIG APPLE!
    try the white NY cheddar!

  2. Anna Baker,

    Kevin, thank you for the beautiful description of a walk in the city. What a joy to imagine each encounter and to share in your delight of NYC. You are an artist with words, as well as your many other art forms!

  3. Aunt Colleen,

    I tried to leave a comment before and it rejected, so I’m trying again.
    Thank you for taking me on that fabulous walk, I felt like I was right there!
    Please ask Sara to send the recipies of her Irene Comfort Food, looked DELICIOUS! Enjoy every minute and when Bannack naps, POST some more!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Col! I’m surprised a full week has gone by. I’ll ask Sara to send you the recipe for her hurricane chowder or whatever that was!