Unreasonably Good Donuts

Sara guided us to the waterfront yesterday afternoon to visit Williamsburg’s weekly flea market-style food fair Smorgasburg. There were lots of tempting food stands, each one filling a very specific gourmet niche.  Out of all there was to offer we sampled mole tempeh tamales and smooth Basque gazpacho from Txikito, but the best in show were the killer donuts from DOUGH, a donut only bakery on Fanklin Avenue.

We ordered one cafe au lait, one toasted coconut, and one candied blood orange for us grown ups and Bannack got a dollar’s worth of cinnamon sugar donut holes. I’m going back because we still have to try lemon glazed poppy seed, hibiscus, or passion fruit with chocolate nibs.

The cupcake revolution is over, long live the donut.


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  1. Susan Butler,

    I’m thinking Lemon Glazed Poppy Seed.

  2. colleen,

    I think i will choose hibiscus with chocolate nibs! Hey Bannack seems to get alot of sweet treats since he arrived in the big apple!

  3. Yuuuuuuummmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!