Old New York

McSorley’s Old Ale House is pictured on East 7th Street on October 7, 1942

The Daily Mail has published a nice set of Kodachrome slides taken on New York streets in the 1940s. Seeing and 88 year old McSorley’s is cool, but nothing beats the antique photos on Shorpy.

Quick searches there turn up hundreds of fabulous photos from Brooklyn and New York City.  But there are some western gems to be found as well, including one of my favorites, a photo of Wisdom, Montana that shows off an exemplary Kodachrome sky. (Click to make it BIG.)


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  1. Colleen,

    Great shots and I really enjoyed the links. Have you been to McSorley’s Ale House yet? Near Cooper. Pete, Maryann, Mike & I had lots of beers there one night! Looks the same.

  2. Sara,

    Okay, this makes me miss my endless Montana sky!!! Don’t do that to me!

  3. aunt Colleen,

    Kyle and Mike have visited McSorely’s a few times and I’m sure have stories to tell…. hmm some I’d rather not hear about… but the look in their smirks let me know they were SORE the next day or two… so BE CAREFUL Kev… that place can do funny things to ya