UPDATE: Allegra Shoots The Parrot


Aha! After I made the Parrot post yesterday I went back to work and Marcy was working converting all the photos from RAW to usable CMYK tif files. While she was at it I snagged these shots taken by Archie.

The young lady in the picture is NOT McKenzie, but an imposer. Although McKenzie and I have been summer regulars at the Parrot (end of the bar, two black coffees and the ice cream of the day in a dish, two spoons) anyone with half a mind should be able to see right through the artifice of this photo. You see, there is a blaring misstep in the mise en scene: the Parrot serves beef chili and I am a vegetarian. No vegetarian would ever knowingly order BEEF chili.

See the new Parrot ads in the IR in coming weeks.

Parrot 2

Navana and I appear to be on a date, we are faking.