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And Angers

Oh yeah! We made it to Angers just fine, but I didn’t have internet except for a frantic half hour to book my train ticket to Florence.

Alyx’s host family is a very friendly and supremely helpful. They didn’t bat an eye at my being here and let me stay on a surprisingly restful pull out couch for two nights. They’ve been hosting foreign students for four years and have everything pretty well sorted.

Meeting their two sets of twins (boys 8, and girls 10) brought me right back to elementary school aged me, equally shy and curious, meeting Marco and our other exchange students. Being ignorant, I shook their little hands, but the kids insisted on greeting Alyx in the French way with two little kisses.

Paris to Angers

Alyx and I will depart Paris today for Angers, the city where she’ll be studying for the next year. It’s pronounced  Ahn-jay, not Anger-s how I’d been for too long. I looked it up and it turns out we’ll be leaving from the same station as appears in this photo. The train will be departing through the other side of the station, as no trains are allowed to depart from the front window since the failed  experiment in 1895.

les Touristes

Of course Paris is incredible. Alyx and I made our way to 848 year old Notre Dame cathedral, toured the inside and had a picnic in the courtyard. A man hand fed sparrows pieces of baguette as the place bustled with tourists. Our meandering took us to Place Saint-Michel and across the Pont des Arts bridge.

It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed these women behind me. I was trying to capture the spirit of the statue of Saint Michel with my scissors loft and midriff exposed. They look impressed to me, no?

Nous Arrivés!

A few photos from the first day, enjoying the cafe lifestyle of Paris. It’s not hard to get used to. Here are a few more photos.