Nous Arrivés!

A few photos from the first day, enjoying the cafe lifestyle of Paris. It’s not hard to get used to. Here are a few more photos.


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  1. Sara,

    Oh! So much color! I love it. Keep the photos coming! Love you!

  2. Aunt Colleen,

    Put that cigarette out! ok, now I feel better! AWESOME photos… love your adventures…

  3. UD,

    WTF? oh I get it you’re an ACTOR or should I say “a character”.
    Welcome to Paris Alex…..keep n eye on Kevin for us. Please!
    love from MT.

    and falling in love in Paris IS FOR THE MOVIES! (signed your dad)

    • There’s no way I’ll sit at a Paris cafe, sipping my espresso and watching people pass without holding a lit cigarette. Every once and a while I’d get a nostril-full of smoke and have to do my best not blow my cover by coughing.

      We were pretty convincing though. Right after Al took this photo a dude stopped his moped, hopped off with an unlit cigarette in his mouth, asked us for a light, merci and took off again. Not bad for a first day.

  4. janiejaner,

    Dang! Picasa link not working for me and I want to see MORE!!! Bienvenue!

    • Oops, I had to upload them differently and it defaulted to private so it worked only for me.

      Welcome to my little corner of the web Janie, and thanks for the Facebook like!