Tag Graffiti

Andy Lunday

This is from my old classmate Andy Lunday’s new blog and tumblr account. He and I were in art classes together all through high school. By coincidence we reconnected at a highway bagel/coffee shop in the middle of Oregon.

Were you on a bike Andy? I can’t remember.

Senders receive?

Anyway, maybe you recognize Andy’s work already, that’s because he sent me a hand inked card a hundred years ago that’s been in my unanswered mail pile that whole time.

NYC Graff Writers Spotted

Watch a video showing how Moral makes such a big tag.
This is an article about BNE from the New York Times.

Recent Tags in Helena

BL Gloop and Mπ

These two taggers have been active around town in the past few months. The BL/Gloop tag is from mid-November (See: Elsewhere) and the Mπ—I think—is from this summer.

Mπ makes some other, more clever stencils including a sidewalk stencil of some shriveled up wicked witch feet under the Allegra building and a funny Civic Center image with a paintbrush for a minaret. (The Civic Center thing is a wheat paste poster.) After they appeared this summer I had hoped to see more over the weeks but I think it must have been a weekend project, because nothing new has appeared.

BL/Gloop is all over, mostly with the same purple paint marker but with a rattle can in a few hidden away places. All tags.

I’d be interested to hear of other places where new tags have shown up.