Recent Tags in Helena

BL Gloop and Mπ

These two taggers have been active around town in the past few months. The BL/Gloop tag is from mid-November (See: Elsewhere) and the Mπ—I think—is from this summer.

Mπ makes some other, more clever stencils including a sidewalk stencil of some shriveled up wicked witch feet under the Allegra building and a funny Civic Center image with a paintbrush for a minaret. (The Civic Center thing is a wheat paste poster.) After they appeared this summer I had hoped to see more over the weeks but I think it must have been a weekend project, because nothing new has appeared.

BL/Gloop is all over, mostly with the same purple paint marker but with a rattle can in a few hidden away places. All tags.

I’d be interested to hear of other places where new tags have shown up.


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  1. I’m wondering if we’ll ever get to see these tags again…

    • The IR had photos of the kid’s graffiti up on their site very briefly, it was a random scrawling mess. I’m pretty sure those fools ain’t these fools.