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Nordic Skiing at the Harriman


The Harriman Ranch is ideal for cross country skiing. There are miles and miles of (mostly) groomed trails for skiers to explore. There was no one to groom on New Years Day and over the night we got several inches of fresh powder but we went out any way. I’m glad we did.


No Sweat Brunch, MMX


McKenzie suggested we cook No Sweat style breakfast for our shared meal. McK’s worked at the Sweat for a few years and can make anything on the menu. She bought ingredients for four different dishes—Stumbo, Toad, BLS, Counterpoint—and we offered or diners the choice.

I got to play waiter, serve coffee, make toast and bring orders back to Cookie. My other contribution was to lay out a quick menu before we left, but nothing compared to McKenzie’s skillet skill.

Games at the Harriman

Game Night

Hey! It’s 2010!
McK and I went to the Harriman Ranch for New Year’s Eve. My sister and brother-in-law invited us! Alan and Ali set the whole thing up for us all. The Harriman is in eastern Idaho, less than 3 hours south of Helena. It’s a complex of ranch buildings (established 1902) including the two buildings we used, a cookhouse built in 1949 and a  bunk house just remodeled in 2009. We were the first group to use the new bunk house. It was amazingly nice.


Because you have to ski anything you want in on a sled—not even snowmobiles are allowed—you have to be very selective about what you bring. So it says a lot that there was one full load of board games.  Board game photos are NOT very exciting, but we did get a pretty wicked Jenga tower going. I’m not going to share the picture of the tower falling, partly because I want you to imaging the tower going on and on forever and partly because they are hopelessly blurry.