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Birthday Lunch

My parents took McK and I out to lunch at the No Sweat for my birthday. Ah! It was great! I had to finish it all.


No Sweat Brunch, MMX


McKenzie suggested we cook No Sweat style breakfast for our shared meal. McK’s worked at the Sweat for a few years and can make anything on the menu. She bought ingredients for four different dishes—Stumbo, Toad, BLS, Counterpoint—and we offered or diners the choice.

I got to play waiter, serve coffee, make toast and bring orders back to Cookie. My other contribution was to lay out a quick menu before we left, but nothing compared to McKenzie’s skillet skill.

Mr. Bollé’s Unexpected Gift


A No Sweat regular—Rodger—gave a generous Christmas gift to the Sweaties this weekend: enough 1980s vintage sunglasses to cover the counter-top.

According to Eli, Rodger’s professional skiing career was sponsored by Bollé and as a part of the deal he was given many, many pairs of sunglasses. Maybe he didn’t want to lug them around anymore because he decided to give them all a good home. There were over 20 pairs, more than enough for the whole Eller family and all the employees. (I got a pair!) Thanks Rodger.
Glasses 4Glasses 1Glasses 2Glasses 3IMG_3142