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Spiralni Cirkus

Thirteen of us students from Helikos performed a selection pieces created in the past years at school for two nights of performances in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was a wide ranging show full of masks, clowns, and eccentric characters, showing off a few of the many theatrical territories we touch on at school. All knitted together with in-character transitions and set up, Muppet Show style. The audience response was gratifyingly positive, making the whole adventure entirely satisfying and worthwile.

A huge and gracious thanks to Ana and her partners at Pripovedovalski Variete for inviting us and hosting so many performers in such high style. These photos were taken by Katarina Juvancic at the Glej theater.

See You Again Ljubljana

Raw Milk Vending Machine

Ahh, Slovenia. Land of surprise and delight. Here, Zhenya demonstrates a fresh raw milk vending machine. One euro a liter!

Theremin Busker in Ljubljana

Zhenya, Ana and I heard the strange music while standing on the triple bridge. At first I thought it was a saw player but as we got closer it was clear that the man was playing a homemade Theremin. His set-up included a PA system, mini disk player, CD player, all hacked into a homemade case and powered by a small gas generator 20 feet away and behind a sound baffle. Wonderful!


Just a few hours after posting the video on YouTube someone called copperleaves made this very informative comment:

The busker is Romanian thereminist, Benedict Popescu. Other videos of this very unusual musician playing his even more unusual theremin can be found here on YouTube.