Theremin Busker in Ljubljana

Zhenya, Ana and I heard the strange music while standing on the triple bridge. At first I thought it was a saw player but as we got closer it was clear that the man was playing a homemade Theremin. His set-up included a PA system, mini disk player, CD player, all hacked into a homemade case and powered by a small gas generator 20 feet away and behind a sound baffle. Wonderful!


Just a few hours after posting the video on YouTube someone called copperleaves made this very informative comment:

The busker is Romanian thereminist, Benedict Popescu. Other videos of this very unusual musician playing his even more unusual theremin can be found here on YouTube.


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  1. colleen,

    Some day i would really like to try one of these! Amazing…an instrument that you don’t touch.

  2. Sara,

    Okay, I’m not sure I really understand how this thing works. I will need a detailed explanation of how the sound is made. Thanks.

  3. colleen,

    I guess it is kind of like my violin this week! An instrument that i don’t touch.