Sayonara Saipan!

My second to last day on Saipan, the day I should have been packing my bags and cleaning my apartment “ours party team” instead took a splendid (gratis!) day trip to Managaha, that speck of sand sticking out of the Saipan lagoon.

The party team is from left to right are Nika (a.k.a. Mia), Emma and Vyka (a.k.a. Richi). The trip was Vyka’s brainchild. For various reasons we hadn’t all gotten together for weeks and she was determined for us all to meet one last time. I’m glad she did.

The girls have had a long standing, open invitation for joyrides to Managaha from the boat operator (Bongo at Seahorse Tours) and we had a blast getting out there.

We enjoyed a few blissful hours on that lovely island. In between dips in the salt sea and over beers we told each other stories about what we’d seen and done since we had been together last. A really beautiful and wonderful way to top off the past months we’ve shared together on this gorgeous (and crazy) island.

What else could any of us ask for?

Parasailing! That’s what!


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  1. Sara,

    WHAT?!?! Your send off is a party on an island off of the island with three unbelievable gorgeous girls?!?! You’d think it was a fantasy, but you actually have the pictures to show that, yes, in fact, you did go parasailing too! Geez. Well, Bannack and I cannot compete in the sand or tan department, but we are super excited to have you home for a bit. Love ya.

  2. Mike,

    “dat’s my boy!…” enjoying a penultimate day of island life for sure. Let your posse know six to twelve inches of snow expected to greet you upon arrival!

  3. You have both made valid arguments. Why did I leave again?