November in Montana

What a difference a day makes!

It was a real shock to touchdown in Great Falls on a runway swept with ribbons of dry snow. My mom and dad and (who else?) my beautiful nephew Bannack all braved the icy mountain pass between Helena and Great Falls, passing a 5 semi-truck pile up along the way, to greet me!

They had bad news though, the road home was closed until the trucks were removed and the plows had a chance to clear the snow away. So we had some time to catch up.

My first concern though was to insure that the massive quantities of hot sauce I had haphazardly packed had not all burst in transit. Fortunately they had not, but I got a polite little note from the TSA informing me that they HAD searched the bag and found nothing alarming. Looking only for bombs they left my precious pugua alone.

The road home

We got on the road and got as far as Wolf Creek where we waited, delicious Montana beers in hand, for news of the road opening. The snow kept falling though so we settled in and had a greasy bar lunch at the Frenchman and Me. Just as our orders were up we got news the accident was cleared away and the plows were running.

We rolled into Helena a little after 6PM and met with Sara at the Blackfoot for a few rounds and stories. Then to her and Chris’ place (Chris, unfortunately, is in Bozeman until the weekend) for pizza, unpacking and betel nut!

Despite the weather it feels good to be home!


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  1. Happy to see you made it home safe! Stop by and we’ll grab a beer! (Last time the TSA searched my bag they “forgot” to return a few new movies I bought and my copy of Annie Leibovitz’s book with a secret family recipe for taco meat. If the TSA opens up a taco joint, I’ll know somethings not right.

    • Wow Archie, that’s a terrible TSA story. Did you complain or were you afraid that they would “disappear” you? They opened a big jar of chili paste, maybe to sample it and determine if it would complement your taco recipe?

      No conspiracy is too small!

  2. joe,

    kevin glad to see you made it home, I know you already miss our weather here. also can you say hi to pete and neng.

    si joe

    • Joe!
      Good to hear from you. I’ll see Pete and Neng this weekend for a big dinner. (Not nearly as big as a Saipan dinner though!)

      Be sure to tell Tina that all the hot pepper made it through AOK and that my dad sampled the homemade Saipan Tabasco (drinking it straight out of the bottle) and I swear I saw steam coming out of his ears.