I must have had all my papers in order when I visited the Italian consulate general ten days ago. My passport and new visa were waiting for me when I arrived back to the Main Street Theater here in San Francisco.

Nikolas had a tight rope lesson earlier today and offered to give me a lesson before he took the rope down. I climbed up onto the heavy hemp line in my socks and jeans and had a great time.  I practiced falling off, walking forward and backward, turning around and falling off again. It’s something I definitely want to try again, tricky as hell and lots of fun.

UPDATE: This song played at the NYE party I went to later that night and two people asked me, “what’s this song?”


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  1. UD,

    Looks more like you are trying to fly!
    Steady Eddy, hands at your sides..
    breathe, easy breezy float along the rope ;)

  2. Colleen,

    Just don’t try to walk between buildings on a rope!

  3. Sara,

    We miss you already! Thanks for posting and know that your room in NYC will be waiting for you in May.