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UPDATE: Allegra Shoots The Parrot


Aha! After I made the Parrot post yesterday I went back to work and Marcy was working converting all the photos from RAW to usable CMYK tif files. While she was at it I snagged these shots taken by Archie.

The young lady in the picture is NOT McKenzie, but an imposer. Although McKenzie and I have been summer regulars at the Parrot (end of the bar, two black coffees and the ice cream of the day in a dish, two spoons) anyone with half a mind should be able to see right through the artifice of this photo. You see, there is a blaring misstep in the mise en scene: the Parrot serves beef chili and I am a vegetarian. No vegetarian would ever knowingly order BEEF chili.

See the new Parrot ads in the IR in coming weeks.

Parrot 2

Navana and I appear to be on a date, we are faking.

Drawn Type: Kayce Lomas


Via Kitsune Noir:

Kayce Lomas created this awesome little alphabet made up of random textures that correspond to the letter. So as you can see in the top image The A is a sea anemone, the B is Barnacles, the C is clouds and the D is diamonds. This isn’t a new idea but it’s a well-executed one and I think she did a great job of giving these letters a lot of character. I really love the N, which I think is a nest, and the Q which I think is made of quartz.

To see more of Kayce’s type experiments you can click here.

Allegra Shoots The Parrot


Marcy and AJ shot some ad photos for the new owners of the Parrot on Monday. I got to skip out on work and drink a grape phosphate and fake-eat some beef chili to stand in as a customer. Unfortunately some real customers came in and stole my thunder.

Tana and Alpa

Alpa FetchAlpaTana FetchTana

These are the sweet dogs McK was sitting this past weekend. Alpa’s the top dog and older than Tana who is very playful. While McK was at work I would take the dogs out to play fetch. These dogs are expertly trained fetchers, they take turns! One will lay in the snow while the other tears down the road after the stick. They’re both very sweet and I for one will miss ’em both.

Recent Tags in Helena

BL Gloop and Mπ

These two taggers have been active around town in the past few months. The BL/Gloop tag is from mid-November (See: Elsewhere) and the Mπ—I think—is from this summer.

Mπ makes some other, more clever stencils including a sidewalk stencil of some shriveled up wicked witch feet under the Allegra building and a funny Civic Center image with a paintbrush for a minaret. (The Civic Center thing is a wheat paste poster.) After they appeared this summer I had hoped to see more over the weeks but I think it must have been a weekend project, because nothing new has appeared.

BL/Gloop is all over, mostly with the same purple paint marker but with a rattle can in a few hidden away places. All tags.

I’d be interested to hear of other places where new tags have shown up.